Research overview

I am a Research Fellow based at the Australian Digital Futures Institute (ADFI). This web site is about bringing together all of my research to communicate the ideas beyond publications and to listen to any comments.

A good place to start is with an overview of all the research that I’m actively involved in at the moment, with some links to the projects and the organisations responsible:

    • Virtual Communities of Practice for Transition from Higher Education to Profession (ADFI)

Universities build strong communities amongst pre-service teachers. Often much of the community support is lost in the transition into practice. How could we design and foster a virtual community of practice within the university that could then support these teachers as well as possible in their first year of practice?

    • How students ground their knowledge when learning from models (ADFI, CoCo)

A collaboration led by Lina Markauskaite of the CoCo research centre using results from a study of students as they learn about the complexity of climate change with a model. The work examines epistemic fluency in model based learning.

    • Learning Analytics: Natural Language Processing (ADFI, CoCo)

More info to follow, but for now view papers here where you can see the published work that has come out recently.

A thread that runs through the work is creating communities for supporting learning – where learning is something takes place both inside and outside institutions.