About me and this site

I’m a transdisciplinary academic across the fields of Design, Computing and Education. I’m a Lecturer in Interaction Design at the Queensland University of Technology and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland. Contact me through my QUT staff page.

This site is a place to share research, presentations, teaching, data, scripts, and ideas in a single place online. If you want to read my published work then I recommend Google Scholar for the most up-to-date collection. You can also find my articles in QUT eprints, USQ eprints, ORCID and SCOPUS.

Why do teachers leave the profession? Factors affecting early career career teacher attrition and retention in Australia.

I recently published a paper, along with co-authors Marcela Cespedes, Marc Clarà and Patrick Danaher, that does some important research to help address this overarching question of why Australian early career teachers leave the profession. It focuses on the complex relationships among preservice education, early career support, and job satisfaction, and how these impact upon […]

We need to take teachers’ basic psychological needs seriously: Examples of research supporting teachers’ self determination

This post is based on a seminar presented to the Globalisation and Education and Sociology Policy (GEPS) group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The need to take teachers’ basic psychological needs seriously. “In my talk today I am arguing that we need to take teachers’ basic psychological needs seriously. The talk has three parts. […]

How design thinking can help teachers collaborate

I wrote this article with Les Dawes, Natalie Wright, and Jeremy Kerr for The Conversation about how design thinking can help teachers collaborate. The original article is under a Creative Commons attribution license and is located here: https://theconversation.com/how-design-thinking-can-help-teachers-collaborate-95932 I have included a reprint here:   The recent release of the Gonski 2.0 report has done an […]